Sometimes there is an easy way to explain our technology, here's how our 120TPI vulcanised tires work and how the myth of tire flexibility should be explained.
This does not mean 120TPI tires are not different then 320TPI, because they are, but in terms of casing flexibility a 120TPI tire has come a long way since production techniques have evolved. Take look at this video that explains just that.





Ere will adhere to the new 2021 ETRTO sizing rules, and all our new tires and wheel/rim models will follow the below sizing chart to conform with the international ETRTO standards, so check your wheels and tires when you are up to replacing them, it's good the know and understand that the combination of the product your are about to buy is compatible in terms of sizing, the below chart will help you find the correct combination.
Tyre section in mm New measuring rim width
25-28 19C
29-34 21C
35-46 23C
47-57 25C




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