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integral flat protection

armis flat protection

Stay rolling with three levels of Armis flat protection.

Since the dawn of the pneumatic tire, punctures have been the largest drawback to an otherwise supremely comfortable and efficient improvement over the solid rubber tires that preceeded. Armis flat protection is an advanced woven aramid layer built into every road ready Ere Research tire, available in three levels to help shield from road debris. 

Armis 1

Super light, tight woven casing material that provides flat protection under the tread without sacrificing weight, rolling resistance, or handling. 

Armis 2

Bead to bead flat protection with a double layer of aramid woven fibers across the entire tire for edge to edge sidewall protection, with an additional layer of lightweight protection at the tread for added debris resistance. 

Armis 3

Our highest level of debris resistance, Armis 3 combines the bead to bead double layer aramid fiber casing protection of Armis 2 with an additional layer of the same aramid fibers at the tread for the ultimate in flat protection while maintaining a supple ride. 

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