Ere Research

we are ere

we are ere

Ere Research is the culmination of a lifetime of bicycle passion, spent both on the bike and in the back channels of the bicycle industry steering product development and design. Our mission is to make your next bike ride your best bike ride with product created to enhance and expand your riding experience utilizing the finest in materials, engineering, and design. 

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Ere Research CEO Piet van der Velde raced professionally in the ‘90s before moving into product design and management, with a concentration on performance ergonomics and saddle design. His behind the scenes experience spans across road and mountain product lines, with involvement in some of the first functional electronic shifting mechanisms with Browning, and one of the earliest production single speed mountain bikes with Cannondale before moving on towards aerodynamic component design with Oval Concepts and Jordan Formula 1 team, then moving into saddles with Velo, and Prologo. The past decade has seen Piet as a product manager of Specialized saddles & hardgoods and then Selle Italia & Selle San Marco saddles, with hundreds of thousands of bicycle saddles and other components having gone across his desk before entering the world. More than likely one of your current or former bikes has a saddle designed at Piet's workstation.

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The Name

The name “Ere Research” is derived from Latin word roots. 

Tenere meaning to ”grab”

Sedere meaning to “sit” 

Libere meaning to be “free” 

Vincere meaning to “win” 

Product names are also based on Latin word roots based upon the intended use of each item.