7 Best Bike Upgrades according to Ere Research founder Piet

7 Best Bike Upgrades according to Ere Research founder Piet

Cycling is a journey, and like any adventure, it's more enjoyable when you're equipped with the right tools. Here at Ere Research, our founder, Piet van der Velde, isn't just a road cycling and gravel cycling enthusiast; he's the Obi-Wan Kenobi of the cycling world. He shares his top recommendations for the seven best bike upgrades that will turn your road bike into a two-wheeled machine to leave the competition behind.


  1. Wheels: Unleash Speed and Performance

Looking for an upgrade that's faster than instant coffee? Ere's got your back. Swap those clunky old wheels for some lightweight Genus or Tenaci wheels, and you'll be overtaking snails like a speed demon. Learn more about our wheels.

  1. Saddle: Achieve Comfort and Endurance

Ever felt like your saddle was auditioning for a role in a medieval torture chamber? It's time to treat your derrière to a throne fit for a king – or queen! Ride longer without the pain. Your behind will thank you. The patented Ere Research Comfort Trigger helps you to adjust the stiffness of your saddle on the go. 

  1. Bar Tape/Grips: Improve Grip and Control

Handlebar tape or grips: because gripping your handlebars should be easier than opening a pickle jar. Find the right one, and you'll have more control than a puppeteer at a marionette convention. Ere’s gravel bar covers give you the grip you want on your gravel adventures.

  1. Tyres: Enhance Traction and Handling

Tires – the only thing between you and a meeting with the pavement. Choose wisely, and you'll stick to the road like Velcro on a kindergarten art project. Check out our tyre range here. 

  1. Sealant: Prevent Flat Tires

Flat tires are the surprise party you never wanted. Sealant is your bouncer, keeping those punctures out of the VIP section of your ride. Our ProClose sealant is free from toxic ingredients and helps you to make your wheels tubeless mess free.

  1. Valves: Upgrade for Efficiency

Valves, the unsung heroes of the biking world. Get some high-quality ones, and your bike will slice through the air smoother than a hot knife through butter. omplCementing the Ere Research ProClose line-up: Optimum Tubeless Valves. The best tubeless valves on the market. No more issues closing your tyres airtight. The full threaded shaft means no issues picking the right length for your bike.

  1. Bar plugs: Small Details, Big Difference

Ere Research Dolce Plugs will be the last set of bar plugs you will ever buy. Our plugs come in six colours to suit the finish of your bike. Our plugs end with a CAP, CNC Alloy Cap. Normally the first thing you lose during travel or just on the road is your handlebar end plug or 'end cap'. We have come up with a solution. Our CNC end caps are completed with the Ere Center Plus Locking system, securing the end cap perfectly in the right position and keeping them there.

With Piet van der Velde's guidance, your road bike can become a true masterpiece of engineering and style. From wheels that defy gravity to bar plugs that add a touch of panache, these upgrades are your ticket to a magnificent cycling experience.

Watch this video and check out the Top 7 Bike Upgrades.