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All ere tyres coded with TL or TLR are tubeless compatible. Knowing the exact tyre pressure you are running is very important with tubeless tyres. we recommend using a digital gauge to check your tyres pressure before every ride.

Depending on the sealant used and the overall seal of the tubeless system as a whole, tyres can drop below safe operating levels ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. All tubeless tyres will lose air quicker than tubes systems. The numerous benefits of a tubeless system outweigh the disadvatages in our opinion.

Always stay within the recommended tyre pressures printed on the side of the tyre.

We list recommended tyre pressure in the specifications section of all our Tubeless tyres.

All ere tyres are tested and certified with clincher rims. For the moment we do not endorse use of ere tyres with hookless rim profiles.

Wheels FAQ

Find your wheel on the ere website. In the specifications section you will find tyre recommendations.

The full Omnia and Genus wheel range is certified with UCI type approval.

All our wheels have a 130kg rider weight limit.

All ere wheels comply with necessary ISO certification. Our wheels are built and have passed ISO 4210-2:2014 clause 4.10.1, 4.10.3 & 4.11.6”,. We also have SGS certification under this testing standard.

To protect the ratchets and pawls from dirt, water and rust, we advise to use a synthetic lithium-based grease. This will also reduce the noise coming from the body.

Most qualified mechanics are able to carry out the main servicing and repair operations on our products. When this is not possible, please contact us directly. Servicing information is availabe on each product page.


Ere Genus Pro carbon saddle comes only with ovalized carbon saddle rails. The rail diameter is 7 x 9 mm. This should fit most seatposts. Please observe the maximum torque settings that are listed in your Geuns Pro CC saddle manual.

Crash Replacement Program for Wheels

1. Register your purchase within 60 days of purchasing your wheels

2. Request your crash replacement with us here. Fill out the form and we will guide you through the rest of the process.

Anything can happen. No problem, we get you back on your wheels and rolling as quickly as possible. Read all about our crash replacement program here.

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