Innovative technology and engineering

Product development is a process. The ere team carries a combined experience of over a century in product design and engineering.

Tyre development

In tyre design, we feel that the profile should tell the story. In our philosophy it makes sense that a tyre has the tread pattern fitting to the use and is actually self explaining and therefore easier to choose by experience and brings confidence when applied to the circumstances it has been designed for.

Wheel technology

With our long history and connection to the wheel industry by making high performance tires, it made sense to start development on our own wheels that work perfectly with our tyre range. Our dedication to solve everyday problems sometimes results in minor but much appreciated improvements in everyday wheel use, but it also lets us make significant innovations when the opportunity presents itself and helps the overal wheel-tyre combination to be more effective as a system and therefore makes the overal riding experience more pleasurable and keeps living up to the best performance expectations possible. When it comes to wheel technology you can expect only the best from ere, and if you haven't seen it at ere yet, you can bet we're working on it behinds the scenes, soon to be presented as a new but better product.

Saddle engineering

When it comes to saddles, our efforts have ruled the saddle world for the last two decades, most pro tour races in the last two decades where won on saddles developed and designed by our hand. We have taken that to the next level with our new high performance saddles. Our patented Comfort Trigger System has received global recognition by leading bicycle magazines and platforms and many satisfied riders. The Genus Pro CC saddle is the first saddle in the market with an innovative adjustable tension system that lets the rider choose the level of flexibility they so choose at any given moment during their ride, without compromising the overal performance of the saddle or adding weight, a smal addition to the saddle with huge effect in user experience.

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