Ere Tenaci GA40 carbon aero gravel wheels

Carbon wheels, why?

Another question we get asked a lot. Many riders wonder if upgrading to carbon wheels in their road bike is worth the investment. Will they notice the better handling and lower weight?

Most  assume it is better to loose weight than save on bike weight. This is for sure true. But not when it comes to carbon road wheel-upgrades.The five main reasons to upgrade your road bike with a nice set of carbon hoops are:

    1. Lower weight: Carbon fiber is an extremely lightweight material. Because the rim makes up most of the weight a wheelset, carbon wheels are often significantly lighter than alloy wheels. This reduced weight will improve acceleration, maintain speed, and overall bike handling. Maintaining speed while in a climb is also a nice benefit on top of the reduced weight.

    2. Improved aerodynamics: Carbon wheels are often designed with aerodynamics in mind, with deep-section rims and optimized rim shapes that can reduce drag and increase speed. This can be especially beneficial in racing, however it will also improve the joy of riding for the weekend warrior.

    3. Better vibration damping: Carbon fiber has natural vibration-damping properties, this will reduce the transmission of bumps from the road to the rider. Carbon wheels offer a smoother and more comfortable ride, especially on rough roads. The higher level of comfort will reduce riding fatigue and overall performance the bike.

    4. Stiffer and more responsive: Carbon fiber is known for its stiffness and responsiveness. The stiffness will ensure efficient power transfer from the pedals to the road. This makes the wheels more responsive to power input, increasing overall performance .The result is a more efficient ride and better handling while riding.

    5. Customizability: Carbon fiber is a versatile material that can be shaped and molded into the optimal rim shape for the intended use. 

So, are there no disadvantages when choosing carbon wheels? 

For sure the buying price is higher than for a higher set of alloy wheels. However, due to the higher price point there is also a quality increase in materials and components used. Star ratchet hubs and aero optimized spokes are part of the package in the premium price sector. 

It is also worth noting that while carbon is a strong and durable material, it can be more prone to damage from crashes or impacts. 

Overall, while the benefits of carbon road bike wheels can be significant, riders should weigh these potential disadvantages and choose a wheelset that fits their needs, riding style, and budget.