From Fire to Ice

From Fire to Ice

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from fire to ice trip


In 2010, Rob's life changed forever. He was in Zanzibar for work and the house where he stayed caught fire while he was sleeping. Despite being able to leave his home in time, 43% of his body burned. To give you an idea, this is how this is measured; head: 9% bodysuit: 36% arms: 9% legs: 36%.  

Rob has now completed 35 operations and 4800 hours in hospital.

cube and ere research perfect companions

While in Zanzibar, Rob was caught in a fire and suffered severe burns, nearly being stranded with only a 27% chance of survival. With the help of Dan's Fund For Burns, Rob was able to get back on his feet and go on another adventure. So he embarked on the adventure of cycling around Iceland and while there he thought it would be a great opportunity to create an adventure and raise money for this incredible cause.


Rob and his gravelbike


Kevin joined in and captured the entire trip, making a documentary shot in Dolby Vision HDR on iPhone12. It's been quite a journey with occasional 128 km/h winds, 17% descents, rainy days and sub-zero temperatures. Fortunately, they survived 1500 kilometers. We can't wait to see the final video.

Why we are asking your attention? First of all because those two heroes deserve encouragement to make more inspirational trips and second because they've been using ere research Tenaci gravel wheels and tires.  We are happy to see they were a great companion during this trip with just one flat tire in 1500 kilometers. 

cube equipped with ere research

Stay tuned. We'll share the link here as soon as there's something to share with you. Click this link to surf to their website.