How are things at the NXTG headquarters?

How are things at the NXTG headquarters?

Now the world awakes and different countries are carefully opening up their borders. 

First race back after the COVID-19 break and Shari Bossuyt takes the win!
Shari was part of the breakaway on the Zolder Race Circuit while teammate
Britt Knaven
controlled in the peloton. After a mighty sprint Shari took the win.
On Friday Britt came 2nd on the Belgian Cycling TT Test Event and first U23 rider.
What a great comeback for our team after some difficult times!
We are sure there is more to come so this is a good moment to express our gratitude to our loyal sponsors and partners who all stayed by our side during the past months.

We are a proud sponsor of TEAM NXTG Racing. This ladies team is equipped with Ere Research Genus saddles, tires and handlebar tape. 

NXTGRACING while having a training camp

The people behind this team - Natascha and Servais Knaven have passion for and knowledge of cycling. They have a big network in the sport which culminates in successful projects with a bright future. 

TEAM NXTG Racing is a bit different compared to other teams. They are the only U23 women's UCI team and they are also one of the very few teams not named after their main sponsor. 




Of course, indoor racing was there during the pandemic, there was enough distraction to ease the pain. Mid-June is always the time for one of the most popular races on the calendar: The Women's Tour. This year The Women's Tour, went digital. On Wednesday the 17th of June, Thursday 18th of June and Friday 19th of June you could follow Rozemarijn, Cathalijne and Britt in the virtual world Of course, that couldn't replace the real deal.

We are so happy to see the ladies of TEAM NXTG Racing are out and about again and preparing for the season which is upon us. If all goes to plan there are some more races on the way. 




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