From the Wolfpit - October 2019

From the Wolfpit - October 2019

Let us introduce to you the Wolfpit. This is Piet's hide-out and right where the magic takes place. Great products don't just happen. It is the final destination of a long road where failure and success meet. In the Wolfpit is where we work on our new ideas from first try-outs to prototypes to testing, measuring and making sure we get everything right for mass production.  

Tire development by Ere

So, what are we working on right now? We have been going out a lot for real-world testing for our second generation of Genus tires. So far they are holding up. Especially on the durability side the previous generation was doing so well and will not compromise there. The thread pattern is the same, the casing however is slightly updated. Stay tuned for more info here.

Furthermore we have completed all wheel testing and series production has started. Something we are really happy about and concludes a period of two years of product design. The final result of our work is now visible for the world to see on our website. 

We have been receiving a loot of inquiries for our Comfort Trigger saddles in the last 12 months after our first small showcase during Eurobike 2018. We are now finalizing the last product updates and the expectation is that first products will be available in January 2020. From then on expect to see this product group grow with additional models, price points and colors.

Stay tuned for our Wolfpit updates.

Thank you ~ ERE RESEARCH