UCI Approved Ere Research Wheels

UCI Approved Ere Research Wheels

Happy is an understatement. Let's say we are very very very happy to announce that our Omnia wheels are UCI approved. UCI approved means more then just sticker on your wheels. 

The UCI - Union Cyclist Internationale - is the governing body for all cycle sports. It runs all of the national governingbodies for cycling. It faces challenges to ensure fair racing and safe riding. 

The test for wheels is vertical drop test. 

For a wheel to pass it has to comply with a couple of results. 

  • No visible cracks
  • No change in lateral profile or in lateral run in excess of 1.0mm
  • No change in radial profile or in radial run out in excess of 1.0mm

What if you can fit your road bike or gravel bike with UCI approved  all-road wheels? Our new Omnia CLR45 wheels are just that: carbon wheels that perform very well on the road and are strong enough for the occasional light gravel adventure. Fit them with some grippy gravel tyres and you are ready to go.



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