All of your Covid-19 questions answered

All of your Covid-19 questions answered

With COVID-19 lockdowns and advice everywhere, we've made you a shortlist of links to all helpful reads about how to ride your bike safe. is talking about how much distance you should leave to the cyclist ahead "If you're still riding your bike outside, either for transport or for exercise, you need to stick to the Government's rules on social distancing, and also bear in mind that you're going to enter other people's airspace – where there's the potential for picking up COVID-19 or coronavirus – much quicker than if you were walking." is answering all your key Covid-19 and cycling questions." Can I still go out and ride? Can I still cycle to work? What races have been canceled?

 Here's to read all the answers to all of your COVID-19 questions editor committed a crime, and now he feels regret. "I have something to confess. Whether it be ignorance or stupidity, I partook in a group ride this weekend just gone, an action I have now come to regret." answers the question if it is still safe to ride outside. "Yes—as long as you're alone. When people congregate together and someone sneezes or coughs, droplets get onto objects that people touch, and then people touch their face, Nieman explains. The best plan for riding right now is to go out and ride solo and enjoy the outdoors, in noncrowded areas. And, try timing your rides for when you know your route will be less crowded."


However, cycling outside is one of the best experiences, with a total lockdown in your country, there is nothing left than riding indoors, which isn't a punishment either in our eyes. 

Stay healthy, and take care!




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