Bar tape tested by Fiets magazine. "it's the perfect father's day present."


Dutch bicycle magazine took our Ere Research Genus bar tape for a spin. 

ere research genus bartape

"What to tell about bar tape? Bar tape is bar tape, is bar tape, and just handlebar tape. Well not with this one. It isn't just another ordinary bar tape. It is easy to install. It is grippy. it is comfortable, it not too sticky, and last but not least it is not leaving any residue after removing it from your handlebars. 

The end caps are not often seen in this catchy color and shape. Luckily they are not easy to loose as it is possible to secure them on your bike tight. 

bar tape Genus

Looking for a very nice present for let's say Christmas, fathers day, a birthday or just to make someone happy. ( yourself for example)  Don't look further." thus Fiets magazine. 

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