Genus CC saddle review from Korean Bike Magazine

Genus CC saddle review from Korean Bike Magazine

Bike magazine ere genus saddle review

Korean Bike Magazine had a closer look at the Ere Research Genus saddle

"Half of the Pro Peloton is riding a saddle designed by ere research engineer Piet van der Velde."

 "The higher the riding level, especially on the road, the more important the choice of saddle. The longer the rides, the more variable surfaces you'll meet.

Ere Research, road performance component brand, has unveiled a new saddle concept that allows riders to easily change the character of the saddle in these different terrains. That is the 'Genus CC saddle equipped with the patented Comfort Trigger."



"Comfort trigger means a trigger that changes comfort.
The Genius CC saddle has a sturdy base cushion and a flat overall design, so pedalling on a flat surface gives a good rider weight balance and stable pedalling.
However, if you pedal up a rough road, the shock is sensitive, and as you climb uphill, your weight is slightly pushed back, and the movement under the pelvis is somewhat disrupted by the saddle.


close up saddle ere


In this case, if you lower the saddle stiffness by pulling the comfort trigger forward, you'll experience a certain change in comfort. The difference in softness is noticeable when running on hard pavement.
In my case, I felt better riding uphill. By the way, using the Genus CC saddle, I enjoy a comfortable ride, reducing stiffness in the uphill, slightly bending the saddle base and improving support." thus Bike Magazine.

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