Het is Koers! It's a perfect day for a saddle review

Het is Koers! It's a perfect day for a saddle review

Genus CC pro saddel

Never too late to buy yourself a good saddle...or three. 

With this Ere Genus Pro saddle equipped with the patented Comfort Trigger you have three saddles in one. 

saddle cover


Het is Koers! tech editor Bastiaan Gaillaard took the Ere Genus CC Pro saddle to the test.

"Nothing is what it seems," I hear myself thinking when the Ere Genus CC Pro saddle is mounted on my racing bike. The saddle looks like I have seen so many before. Black top, the well-known rail with which you mount it on the seat post and then the story often ends. Still, there is something special about this saddle. 

Firstly, the showpiece of Ere is particularly light and made entirely of carbon. The rails and the shell, the part where you sit on, are made of carbon fibers. With about 125 grams that the bicycle seat indicates on the scales, this is one of the lightest saddles on the market today. A nice fact for weight freaks who put every gram more or less on the bike and especially weigh it."thus Bastiaan


His full report can be found here.


genus saddle with comfort trigger

Ere Genus CC Pro saddles are available now. Order yours here.