Het is Koers! Tenaci wheels and tubeless tires review | Gravel your heart out!

Het is Koers! Tenaci wheels and tubeless tires review | Gravel your heart out!

Gravel is here to stay. That's one thing for sure. 

Dutch online magazine Het is Koers pushed the new Ere Tenaci gravel wheels ánd tires to the limit and wrote a test review. We have to say the verdict is nothing to complain about.

Editor Bastiaan told the story about his very first unfortunate experience with a tubeless tire. He thought he would never try this no more. We persuade him to give tubeless tires a chance again by sending him a pair of tubeless Tenaci tires.

We won! Once you go Tenaci tubeless, you never go back. ;-) Glad to hear we changed his opinion about tubeless tires. 

He equipped his gravel machine with the Ere Tenaci GR 20 gravel wheels with Tenaci TLR 38 mm tires. We have this gravel wheelset available for you in 6 different colors. Click this link to discover your favourite color. 



hetiskoers gravel riding                                                                                                                                           

grippy gravel tires

Verdict Hetiskoers.nl: 

"The wheels want to move forward. Despite their low weight, they are powerful, rigid and robust. They look great in my bike and provide a completely different look. Good to know that as a consumer you can choose multiple colors.

The hub in the wheels is not standard. If we consider the pawls and gripping points present in the wheel's heart, the price-quality ratio is excellent. You get a quality hub in a good aluminum wheel for less than 400 euros. For an upgrade of your gravel bike, almost a bargain.

During my rides on the gravel bike, I enjoyed the wheels. The GR20 wheels from Ere Research are built for long gravel adventures and suitable for any terrain. I immediately want to challenge the company to come up with a cool carbon gravel set on the market." 


Ere Research Tenaci Gravel wheels

Ere Research Tenaci tires

We've made a clickable link for you to read this review on Hetiskoers.nl 


Click this link to discover our new Tenaci gravel wheels.