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Review Velozine | Our latest Tenaci GR20 gravel wheel set ánd tires investigated

It must be true love. Editor Erik Wictor went for a ride with the new Tenaci GR20 gravel wheels and Tenaci TLR tires. We could say he did a true in depth investigation on this couple. After two months he came up with a rich and thick review on these two. Gravel the world and you know everything.  

The wheel and tire combination is a match made in heaven.

"Ere's own design hubs are also future-proof. The freewheel is classic, with 6 (!) It is essential that models for Shimano HG race, Sram XDR and Campagnolo (12 and 13 speed) are available. This means you can really mount anything from an Ultegra 11-25t race cassette to a Sram 10-50t 12s Eagle mountain bike cassette. Or like an Ekar group.
Furthermore, the disc brake mount is Centerlock. All bearings come from the Japanese EZO. Typically this guarantees a very long lifetime. In any case, the axles turn nice and smooth by hand."

"In terms of rim height, the GR20 is on the very low side: 20 mm. Many manufacturers opt for a higher profile - even up to 45 mm - for aerodynamic reasons. A strange choice, in my opinion, because the aerodynamics are not really relevant at typical gravel ride speeds. Exceptions to this are of course participating in gravel races (how many of them are there in Europe?) Or having your gravel box double as a racing bike (insert a different wheelset…). In any case: Ere's choice to mount low rims is a logical one because it benefits comfort. And that is precisely what is crucial if you are effectively going off-road with a racing bike with fat tires. The rims are cut, not welded, and put a very neat 470 g for the width on the scales."


Tenaci GR30 gravel

"Ere Research offers a lifetime warranty on the whole, plus a crash replacement scheme. If you demolish an Ere wheel yourself, you have a new rim at a 50% discount."

"The GR20 test wheels were supplied with a set of suitable Tenaci TLR tires. As with the wheels in the Ere range, this is currently the only "gravel" model. This variant is not called TLR but TU, and is available in 30, 32 and 36 mm widths. With the TLR, the width is stretched to 34, 38 and 44 mm. The thickest TU was discussed earlier but noted that this was on a 5 (!) Mm smaller rim. The increase in volume with the 38mm TLR tested here is significant. In addition to different sizes, these tires are also available in black and retro skinwall colourways. The carcass and bead wire is tubeless-ready, which means: quasi-airtight, but add sealant just in case."thus Velozine editor Erik Wictor.


Read this rich review about the Tenaci GR 20 wheels and Tenaci TLR tires. 

These products are available from the 15th of December. 

You are not from the Netherlands? Please use your translation tool. It is definitely worth the effort. 

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