Talking about a revolution | Genus CC saddle | Wielerverhaal

Talking about a revolution | Genus CC saddle | Wielerverhaal

We caught up with Wielerverhaal a while ago. We've ridden the most beautiful roads in Belgium and talked about Ere Research.

These test riders are quite sure; Ere Genus CC Pro is one of the best inventions of all time. One saddle with different options. It couldn't be true!
The following Q and A with Wielerverhaal explains the story behind the saddle.

The Genus saddle from ERE Research is the result of 20 years of experience that owner Pieter van der Velde gained in making performance saddles for various saddle and bicycle brands. Van der Velde saddles have proven their worth for both recreational cyclists and professional cyclists. Pro rider Alaphilippe recently won the World Championship in Imola on a saddle designed by Piet.

Wielerverhaal: "are you ever satisfied with the results?"
Piet: "There is always room to improve. Even if a product looks finished. We are searching for improvement at any time."

Genus CC Saddle

"The saddle had to be designed in such a way that the saddle construction would be as wide as an oval in order to achieve the greatest possible flexibility and to be able to set it to 3 pre-programmed values with a 3.5 kg difference in saddle stiffness with a lever system. As a test, take 2 playing cards between your thumb and forefinger, apply some pressure, and you will get an oval that you can make smaller and larger according to the pressure you exert on it. The Genus saddle works from the same principle." 


Ere Research zadel

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