Wielerverhaal || Genus Pro TU Black review

Wielerverhaal || Genus Pro TU Black review

Going tubeless or not, that's the question



A tire is an essential part of your bicycle...duh. It needs to be durable and easy to use...yes, yes we hear you think. A flat tire is one of the things you don't want have while exploring the country side. That's also true.

Tubeless or not, what's best, that's the question. The nice thing is, it is all up to you. 

Belgian online magazine Wielerverhaal put our ere tubeless tires to the test and made a nice review with an overview of all the con's and pro's. 

"We have made a proper test ride. A round of Vennbahn: 196 km with almost 2,000 positive vertical meters. . In our eyes, the Genus Pro TU with a 120 Tpi carcass rolls off nicely and comfortably. You will notice that the rubber composition is a bit harder, but that makes the rolling resistance lower. A feeling that we also noticed in his brother, and predecessor on our bike, the ERE Genus Pro CC Skin Wall."

Read this review yourself by clicking this link.