NAME: Armand

INSTAGRAM: bkrmn_biking


BIKE: BdR S4-R Aero & Rose Backroad

It depends on the weather and the season if I ride my gravel bike or my road bike. I am totally hooked on my road bike and I must admit gravel stole my heart. 

COUNTRY: The Netherlands

Ere lid Armand op zijn racefiets met carbon ere wielen


WHERE SHOULD EVERYBODY RIDE THEIR BIKE IF WE ASK YOU? In France, the French Alps and the Provence! Although my backyard isn't quite as bad. The Veluwe is beautiful full of ace gravel paths and awesome long roads. 

YOU CAN'T GO OUT FOR A BIKE RIDE WITHOUT? My iPhone, GoPro and on longer rides something to eat. 

DO YOU PREFER RIDING IN GROUPS OR SOLO? I really enjoy riding solo and if possible riding in groups is much fun. I do like sportives and from time to time I join a criterium or a club match.