Team Essax is riding to victory with unmatched passion and precision

In a culmination of years of dreams, countless conversations, and unwavering determination, the new under-23 team of Club Ciclista Sax was born in 2021, becoming one of Spain's most enduring teams. The birth of the Essax Team marked a significant milestone, with its primary objective of nurturing young cyclists and providing them with the opportunity to inch closer to the world of professional cycling, all under the steadfast support of the Essax saddle brand.

The squad boasts a high percentage of first and second-year riders who have been groomed at the club, with some of them boasting extensive experience in lower categories and impressive results. Others bring a wealth of knowledge, ready to lead the team and contribute to the development of the younger talents.

"Equip Essax's aspiration to become a Professional Continental team aligns perfectly with our goals as a sponsor. We wholeheartedly support their vision and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to grow together. This shared ambition for progression is what drives our partnership, and we are excited to stand by their side as they strive to reach new heights in the cycling world. Together, we will work hand in hand, fostering growth, and celebrating the collective achievements that lie ahead." thus global head of marketing Carola Noordermeer.

Looking beyond national borders, the Essax Team sets its sights on international prominence. The Spanish Under-23 Cup takes center stage in both its inaugural year and the ongoing 2022 season, along with other notable events on the national cycling calendar. To further propel their cyclists onto the global stage, the team from Alicante will venture abroad, competing in countries renowned for their rich cycling traditions, such as Portugal, Belgium, Holland, and France.

"Our partnership with these Ere Research truly takes our riders' performance to the next level," says the team leader at Equip Essax. "We have complete faith in the exceptional quality they provide, and we proudly rely on them as a key element of our success. With these wheels beneath us, we approach every race with unwavering confidence.


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