CYCLING TEAM WESTLAND WIL VOORUIT                                                      A POWERHOUSE OF CYCLING EXCELLENCE

When it comes to cycling in the Netherlands, one name shines above the rest - Cycling Team Westland Wil Vooruit. As one of the largest cycling associations in the country, their road team has been dominating the highest amateur level for years. Comprised of passionate riders hailing from the Westland region and the rest of Zuid-Holland, this team is a force to be reckoned with.

While most of their races take place within the Netherlands, Team Westland Wil Vooruit also embarks on breathtaking multi-day races across Europe. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving greatness knows no bounds.

The team's primary goal is twofold: to continually improve both individually and collectively, and to clinch victories in races. Their dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence are palpable in every pedal stroke.

One aspect that plays a crucial role in their success is their partnership with Ere Research. The team director/team leader couldn't be happier with the top-notch quality wheels provided by Ere. Not only do these wheels perform flawlessly, but they also add a touch of sleekness and style to the bikes, elevating their overall aesthetic appeal.

"We are extremely thrilled with the high-quality wheels provided by Ere. Not only do they perform exceptionally well, but they also possess a striking aesthetic that complements our bikes perfectly. The combination of top-notch performance and impressive design makes them a fantastic addition to our team. We couldn't be happier with our partnership with Ere." - Josry van der Meijs, Team Leader, Team Westland Wil Vooruit.

Piet van der Velde emphasizes, "The synergy between Team Westland Wil Vooruit and us is evident, with both entities sharing a commitment to excellence and a passion for cycling. With Ere's cutting-edge wheels supporting the team's efforts, there's no doubt that their performance will reach new heights. In addition, we also values the team's expertise as valuable material testers. They actively give us feedback, knowing that their insights play a vital role in our ongoing development process. This collaborative approach ensures that the products continue to evolve and improve, meeting the ever-changing demands of competitive cycling. Our partnership goes beyond performance; it extends to a shared commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in cycling equipment."

As they continue to compete on the national and international stage, team Westland Wil Vooruit embodies the true spirit of cycling. They inspire both aspiring riders and dedicated fans alike, proving that with unwavering determination and the right equipment, anything is possible.

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