Fixed gear | Botje Racing Team

Fixed gear | Botje Racing Team

“We’re Botje Racing, we come together to ride fixed gear and gravel bikes really fast down long and winding roads.”



Due to Covid-19, there was not much of a racing season. Some of us went for a virtual ride competing with of the pro’s, a few others were able to go outside to feel true wind and rain. 


The guys from Botje Racing team did some other nice things besides Zwifting their days away, they couldn’t wait and sit on their hands indoors. They went out for a ride combining spinning wheels with helping people by delivering them coffee or by doing groceries for the elderly. They did the FIXED GEAR BIKE MESSENGER CHALLENGE, for example.  

Botje Racing team? Tell me more? 

Having fun and riding bikes is the main thing in life for the Dutch members of this globally active gravel bikes and fixed gear collective. Winning races is number one, not without having fun. Every race day is like a small party for the team. Jelmer Broekstra A.K.A. Botje ( literally translated Bone) founder of the team can't wait to show the bikes and kit in the flash to the public.

Today they unveiled their race looks and weapon of choice digitally, equipped with Ere Research wheels and tires, we think winning the races is a piece of cake. Good apparatus is half of the work.
Even though Covid-19 isn’t eliminated yet, it is time for some real racing. This Saturday the NL Crit Series take place Rotterdam Crit takes place. Our guys are about to kick some ass there.



Luckily there are three races in the diary, starting in Rotterdam the Netherland with Crit Rotterdam at the 15th of August 2020. Next one is pencilled in at the 6th of September in Zwanenburg and the third takes place 27th of September in Haarlem.

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