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ere research's starting point: Tires that make a difference. Our already famous Genus tire has proven itself in races and is winning National, European and World Championships.

Keep the rubber on the road

In search of the ideal wheel shape, we have started to develop our own rims and tires. Ere’s starting point – tires that make a difference. Our already famous Genus tire has proven itself in races and is winning National, European, and World Championships. Now four years later, our tire program is maturing, expanding, and evolving into a more comprehensive offering.

We offer tires to match clincher and tubular rims. In our latest technology we have also added hookless and handmade tubeless-ready tires to our program.

With our new wheel program, we can offer you the best performing tire-rim-wheel combination. Interested? Let’s roll!

We use 3 types of casings: nylon 60TPI and 120TPI and cotton 320TPI. Tyre casings are composed of fabric layers encased in rubber and are measured in TPI or threads per inch.

The TPI determines the tightness of the weave in the casing. A higher casing TPI uses a smaller diameter thread woven into a tight weave, while a lower TPI casing uses stronger, thicker threads woven in a more open pattern.

Armis X is our new, top of the line tire protection. Ere's 65a durometer rubber mixed with CarbonX material creates a top of the line puncture protection layer.

Armis 1 is our lightest layer of protection. It is designed to be flexible and light, while offering a good protective guard against penetrations. Armis 1 enhances the overall flexibility performance of the tyre.

Armis 2 is similar to Armis 1 in its flexibility, but offers even more protection. An extra layer has been added to make the tire casing airtight, so that you can go fully tubeless.

Armis 3 is used for tyres that need heavy duty protection. With this tyre casing you can conquer the elements. It will let you face heavier loads on the sidewall while riding on rougher outside surfaces, without having to worry about a flat.

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