Ere Research Optimum tubeless valve Installation Guide

Easy 3-step installation of tubeless valves

How to install tubeless valves in your rim? Take a look at our easy 3-step installation guide:

1. Install tubeless compatible rimtape according the manufacturers instructions

2. Insert the tubeless valve through the valve hole

3. Tighten the valve stem until the valve's rubber bushing seals are firmly touching the inside of the rim. Tightening should be done by hand. You don't require any tools for installation.

NOTE: use only the necessary amount of torque to create a seal. Extra force could potentially damage the rim. Creating a seal between the rim and the valve does not require much effort. Do no overtighten - this can cause leaking and make the valve impossible to remove when you get a flat.

Ongoing maintenance

Inspect your tubeless tyre system before every ride. Add or replace your sealant fluid at least every four months.

How-to set-up your tubeless tyres