Tenaci Gravel Bar Cover


Tenaci gravel bartape 

“Just make something new!” That’s not as easy as it sounds. With our new Tenaci Gravel Bar Cover, it took a different way of looking at how we use handlebar covers on road bikes versus grips on a mountain bike. How can we combine those two to best accommodate a gravel bike? Because when you go gravelling, you want the drop bar of a road bike, but the grippiness of a mountain bike. With our brand new Bar Covers, we believe we found just what you’re looking for.

The concept is as follows: for cruising and higher cadence climbing the top part of the handlebar is often used, so you want a bar tape that's thinner, grippy and has a softer touch. But when you’re down in the drops for hard climbing and pushing through at a higher power output when the going gets tough, you want a rougher and even more grippy handlebar grip. This has led to our new Tenaci Bar Cover concept. This is a classic bar tape, combined with a unique bar cover that you slide over the end of your handlebars, up to the shifters. The cover not only offers the ultimate grip on your bike but also protects your handlebars against side impacts.

‘Terra’ – Perfect control at all times


To offer the best grip, we took inspiration from the nature around us. Mother Nature sometimes throws the biggest challenges at our feet, but fortunately, she also offers beautiful solutions. The grooves in the 'Terra' pattern on the Tenaci Bar Cover makes you think of a dried-up river bed. The grooves clear the Bar Cover free from mud and other dirt that ends up on your handlebars during bad weather conditions. Just like the channels in our inspirational riverbed, which lead the water back to the river during heavy rainfall. This ensures perfect contact with your bike at all times and never losing control, no matter how bad the weather conditions are.

 Terra explained

KNHDS – preventing sliding of hands

The Terra pattern isn’t the only thing that keeps your hands firmly on the handlebar. We’ve also taken a good look at finger positions. That’s why we’ve added ‘knuckleheads’ for extra grip. They will keep your hands in control of your handlebar and prevent sliding of the hands in rainy and muddy circumstances, should they present themselves.


And, because there are many different handlebar sizes, we want to offer a product that everyone can use. With a total length of 225 mm, the Tenaci Bar Cover can accommodate any wide flared handlebar drop sections. The 8 cutting lines can be used to shorten the grip to the size you need.



Smooth line wrap and Single Sheet bar tape

The Ere Tenaci Bar Cover comes with a classic bar tape, based on the Explorator Bar Tape. For the supplied handlebar tape we use smooth line wrapping and Single Sheet.

Smooth line wrap is used to reach a smooth finish. This 35mm wide tape with an elongated chamfer flange creates a smooth overlap. It has no bumps and feels like one continuous, smooth surface.


Laminar Sheet handlebar tape is made with a fused PU & EVA foam layer that feels super soft and nice, especially if you ride without gloves. Due to the 3M adhesive, it can be applied smoothly.


80D is the durometer of our handlebar tapes. This is the best durometer hardness for the pressure of the upper body applied through your arms and hands to the handlebar.



Gravel riding has taken a flight in recent years – a discipline that is still evolving. It brings together the best of mountain biking and road racing. New solutions and ideas are needed to make the user experience as good as possible for the gravel rider. Our Ere Tenaci Bar Cover is one of those new little innovations that make sure every gravel ride is a ride you can enjoy.

gravel bartape

Ere Research Gravel Bar Cover on Gravelbike in Green

Tenaci - Hold On

No better way to hold on to your bars . Ere Tenaci grips