What cycling upgrades are you considering?

Dutch Bicycling editor Danny upgraded his CUBE Nuroad with a pair of Explorator wheels, our do it all road bike wheels. Although these wheels aren't primarily designed for gravel adventures, they are very suitable for off-road rides too. It is a nice upgrade without breaking the bank.

Ere Research Tenaci tires and Explorator wheels

CUBE's gravel bike Nuroad isn't afraid of long commutes, or offroad travels neither are our Explorator GC 30 wheels. These two look quite as lovely as a couple.

As this wheelset is tubeless-ready, it is possible to equip them with tubeless tires. We couldn't do something different than sending a pair of test tubeless tires to Danny. He loves the tubeless version of our Tenaci tires. It is an easy fit. With hardly a flatty, it is a matter of riding your bike without any unnecessary stop.
Especially with the upcoming rainy weather, it is nice to have a trusty wheelset with a grippy tire.

fight the weather with this upgrade

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Find your new companions here:
Wheels: Explorator
Tires: Tenaci

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