Explorator GCR40
Explorator GCR40
Explorator GCR40
Explorator GCR40
Explorator GCR40
Explorator GCR40
Explorator GCR40
Explorator GCR40
Explorator GCR40
Explorator GCR40

Explorator GCR40

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Introducing the New Explorator GCR40 wheelset
Elevate Your Cycling Experience

✅ Unbeatable stiffness for demanding riders.
✅ Robust for taller or heavier cyclists.
✅ IONA hubs with upgrade options.
✅ Compatible with Shimano, Sram XDR, or Campagnolo/Ekar.

Crafted from Niobium alloy, our 40mm rims are incredibly strong, with a 21mm inner width for stability with wide tires up to 40c. 

These wheels offer top-tier performance without the premium price, and they're designed for disc brakes.

For the best tubeless setup, choose Ere Tubeless tires with Ere ProClose sealant and ProClose tubeless valves. Clincher tires pair perfectly with our Tubus inner tubes.

Pro tip: Use valves with a minimum length of 60mm, and find extenders from Ere if needed.

Cycling enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a game-changer! Ere Research proudly presents the latest addition to its stellar lineup - the Explorator GCR40 wheelset. These aerodynamic marvels are here to redefine your cycling experience, taking it to soaring heights. If you're a passionate cyclist in search of the perfect companion, look no further. These wheels are engineered to perfection, combining strength, performance, and aerodynamics to empower you to conquer new challenges and embrace the joy of cycling.

Lightweight marvels with optimal balance
In the world of cycling, weight is a crucial factor. The Explorator GCR40 wheelset weighs in at 1016 grams for the rear wheel and 852 grams for the front wheel, striking a harmonious balance. This optimal weight ensures a robust and responsive feel without unnecessary bulk. With these wheels, you'll experience the perfect fusion of strength and performance, enabling you to push your limits with ease. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a dedicated road training enthusiast, these wheels are your ideal choice to maximize the joy of cycling.

Rims that redefine durability
The heart of any wheelset lies in its rims, and the Explorator GCR40 doesn't disappoint. Crafted from a specific Niobium alloy with a T10 heat treatment, these rims are ultra-strong and durable. The 40mm aero profile offers a 21mm inner width and a deep 9mm inner drop. This design not only makes installing difficult tires a breeze but also ensures a better fit for wider tires. The rims provide excellent stability for tires up to 40c. But what sets these wheels apart is that they come tubeless ready right out of the box. Say goodbye to tire setup hassles and hello to puncture-resistant, lower-rolling-resistance rides.

The power of Sapim Leader Spokes
These exceptional wheels are built with Belgium-made Sapim Leader spokes, composed of Swedish stainless steel, and paired with black nipples. The result? A wheelset that's not just about performance but also value. It's a package that's hard to beat.

Hubs: The core of excellence
At the core of the Explorator GCR40 wheelset are the X12 24-hole IONA front and rear hubs. These IONA straight pull hubs are supported by high-quality industrial bearings and a 4-pawl ratchet system. For those who demand the absolute best, an upgrade option is available with SKF bearings or even ceramic bearings. Moreover, you can choose freehub bodies for Shimano HG/Micro Spline, Sram XDR, or Campagnolo/Ekar, making them incredibly versatile and compatible with various setups.

A stylish upgrade for your bike
Not only are these wheels technologically advanced, but they also boast a striking new design. The anodized matte black finish adds a touch of elegance to these wheels, making them a stylish addition to any bike. Whether you're on a solo ride or with a group of cycling enthusiasts, your bike will stand out with the Explorator GCR40 wheelset.

Sturdy and reliable, No matter the road
The Explorator GCR40 wheelset is built to withstand the rigours of the road. These wheels are extra sturdy and can take a beating, even for heavier riders. With this wheelset, you can trust in their reliability, allowing you to focus on your cycling goals without worrying about your equipment. For the ultimate performance, consider pairing them with the Explorator CL26 tires, creating an exceptional workhorse wheelset.

Exceptional value for money
At just 499 euros, the Ere Explorator GCR40 wheelset offers exceptional value for money. If you're looking to ignite your sense of adventure, unlock your true potential, and embark on unforgettable cycling journeys, these wheels are your ticket to ride. It's time to elevate your cycling experience to new heights.

In conclusion
The Explorator GCR40 wheelset by Ere Research is the epitome of what every cyclist dreams of: the perfect combination of strength, performance, and aerodynamics. These wheels are your gateway to new horizons, whether you're an experienced cyclist seeking top-notch equipment or a beginner looking to start strong. With unbeatable durability, a sleek design, and affordability, these wheels are the answer to your cycling aspirations. So, don't wait any longer – elevate your ride to new heights with the Explorator GCR40 wheelset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Are the Explorator GCR40 wheels suitable for all types of cycling?
Absolutely! Whether you're into road training, casual rides, or weekend adventures, these wheels are designed to enhance your cycling experience across various terrains.

2. Can I install wider tires on the Explorator GCR40 rims?
Yes, the 40mm aero profile rims with a 21mm inner width are designed to accommodate wider tires, providing a comfortable and stable riding experience.

3. Do the wheels come with a warranty?
Ere Research stands behind the quality of its products. The Explorator GCR40 wheelset has a manufacturer's warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.

4. How do I set up tubeless tires on these wheels?
The Explorator GCR40 wheelset comes tubeless ready out of the box, simplifying the process. Follow the provided instructions for an easy and hassle-free setup.

Try our ProClose hassle-free sealant.

5. Can I customize the hub configuration to match my bike's drivetrain?
Yes, you can choose from multiple freehub body options to ensure compatibility with your bike's specific drivetrain, whether it's Shimano, Sram, or Campagnolo.

Our Explorator GCR40 wheels are made for everyday use, their modern and ideally aero-shaped alloy rims combined with stainless steel Sapim spokes and our straight-pull IONA hubs make these wheelsets the real workhorses of our line of wheels. And at this price point, this is what people mean when they say “value for money”.

Intended use Performance road / performance gravel
Total set weight 1.884 gram   (1-3% tolerance)
Front wheel weight 861 gram
Rear wheel weight 1.023 gram  
Tyre compatibility Hooked bead Clincher (wired/foldable) / tubeless  
Recommended tyre width 26C - 32C  
Minimum tyre width 23C  
Maximum tyre width 40C  
Maximum rider weight 130 kg   
Brake system Disc brake only  
Warranty Lifetime*  
Crash replacement Lifetime  
 * Registering your wheels after purchase will extend your warranty to lifetime warranty
Rims Front Rear
 Rim color Anodized matt black Anodized matt black
 Rim material Niobium alloy with T10 heat treatment Niobium alloy with T10 heat treatment
 Rim height 40mm 40mm 
 Rim size (ETRTO) 700C / 28" 700C / 28"
 External rim width 24.5mm 24.5mm 
 Internal Rim width 21mm  21mm 
 Rim type Hooked Clincher/tubeless Hooked Clincher/tubeless 
 Tubeless (ready) Yes* Yes* 
 * Tubeless Tape is already fitted to the wheels

Hubs Front Rear
Hubs Ere Iona  Ere Iona 
Hub color Anodized Black Anodized Black 
Hub material Alloy Alloy 
Bearings 2 x SS6902 Industrial 4 x SS6902 Industrial
Engagement system   4-pawl
Compatability   Shimano/SRAM/Campagnolo
Axle System TA 100 x 12mm TA 142 x 12mm 
Brake Interface AFS/Centerlock AFS/Centerlock


Spokes Front Rear
Spoke Sapim CX Leader Sapim CX Leader
Spoke count 20 24
Spoke type Straightpull Aero Straightpull Aero
Spoke length mm 285/283 279/277 
Nipples Sapim Polyax Brass Sapim Polyax Brass
Nipple color Black Black
Nipple length 16mm 16mm
Spoke tension Min 1030Nm-Max 1270Nm Min 1030Nm-Max 1270Nm

• Front Wheel
• Rear Wheel
• Rear hub body spacers (9, 10spd)
• 8 Spare spokes (275, 276, 277mm)
• 8 spare black nipples
• Rimtape is fitted to the wheels

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