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Genus TT
Genus TT
Genus TT
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Genus TT
Genus TT
Genus TT
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Genus TT

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For the road warriors and competitive racers, the Genus TT is your ultimate companion. With titanium rails offering unparalleled strength and resilience, this saddle is built to withstand the toughest challenges on the road. 

Weighing just 188 grams, the Genus TT is the perfect blend of lightweight design and uncompromising performance. Its flat shape and open pressure relief channel ensure maximum comfort and support, so you can focus on pushing your limits without distractions. 

Comfort Trigger 

Elevate your riding experience with the patented Comfort Trigger on the Genus TT. Designed for champions, this innovative system empowers you to optimize your saddle's flexibility with precision. Whether you're pushing the limits in a race or embarking on an epic adventure, the Comfort Trigger ensures unparalleled comfort and control. With three distinct positions offering up to a 10nm difference, you can tailor your saddle to meet the demands of any terrain, giving you the edge when it matters most. 

The perfect size and shape 

Featuring a narrow neck design, this saddle ensures ample space for your inner thigh, allowing for unrestricted movement during intense rides. Our commitment to inclusivity is unwavering, supported by years of research in collaboration with the University of Stanford medicine. Every rider is unique, and our unisex design reflects that diversity, offering tailored comfort for all.  

Available in three sizes (133, 145, and 157 mm), selecting the right size is simple—measure your old saddle or schedule a consultation with a professional bike fitter for personalized guidance. 

Get ready to conquer the road with the Genus TT – crafted for champions, ridden by winners. 

    Intended use Performance Road saddle
    Weight 188 gram
    Comfort 3-position Comfort Trigger
    Gender Unisex
    Shape Flat  
    Intended use Road racing  
    Color Black  
    Saddle length 240 mm
    Saddle width 133,145,157 mm
    Saddle height 50 mm (center rail)
    Neck width 56 mm (100mm from nose)
    Base material PA12 carbon fibre
    Rail material Titanium
    Rail shape Round 7 x 7 mm
    Cover material Artificial leather
    Open/Pressure relief channel Yes
    Dynamic Torsion bar No
    Padding color Black
    Padding material Black mass PU 
    Padding shape Flat - Performance
    Padding Thickness 10mm
    Padding Comfort ***


    • Ere Genus TT saddle with Titanium rail and Comfort Trigger
    • mounting instructions

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    Genus Pro CC

    The pinnacle of saddle design.

    Here at Ere we focus on making saddles. Saddles that serve a true purpose and add value to your user experience. If there’s one thing we learned over the years designing and developing saddles it iss that we cannot make the perfect saddle that works for everyone. Therefore we need to create options in shape, size and function in order to stay true to our believes in making saddles, but at the same time serve our community with the true value in each saddle solution.

    Our experience in making saddles for other brands show our true heritage to saddlemaking. Together with the numerous global universities that we worked with over the years, trying to study and find out what happens inside the human body while cycling.

    And the long terms effects that causes to our body, going as far as studying the human body itself in an anatomy lab, all of this has given us the knowledge and that deep understanding of what we need to do in order to create solutions for our community, to keep them cycling as healthy as possible.

    That is what we thrive for at Ere.

    Our saddles are unisex. Our own studies and experiences throughout the last 20 years have shown that differences in sizing and body types are not restricted to gender.

    In our ongoing research with the University of Stanford Medicine Department no person is the same in terms of saddle needs, and how they are built in terms of sex, posture, flexibility and soft tissue shape. It is about the right shape and not to “box-fit” female or male riders into the saddle shape they supposedly should ride. 

    Ride like a genus - genus performance

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